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The Digital Education Group (DEG) is an academic consulting firm specializing in 21st century classroom technology. Our team provides the expertise and guidance to help K-12 schools successfully plan, choose and implement the best instructional and digital technology solutions for their classrooms.

From grant writing and pilot programs to vendor relations and professional development, our comprehensive services are designed to fulfill your institution's unique needs. 

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A Message from DEG President Mike Huling

Our “Innovative Technology in the Classroom 1.0” contest just concluded (see below for the winners), and I have to say, well done! Everyone here at DEG was impressed and inspired by all the great ways teachers are using free technologies to engage students and heighten the learning process. If you did not get a chance to submit your idea, no worries. We will run this contest each year on top of creating additional opportunities for teachers and educators to share new and innovative ideas surrounding classroom technology. Together we will help shape the next generation in education!


Congratulations to our Contest Winners
Our heart-felt thanks go out to everyone who entered DEG’s first annual “Innovative Technology in the Classroom” contest. We received dozens of entries filled with amazing ways that teachers are creatively using technology in their classrooms.

Congratulations to our three randomly-selected contest winners:
Lisa Tait - Chester Park School of the Arts
JaNan Grice - Dumas Junior High School
Kathy O’Hara-Rosa - Clarkdale Elementary School

Each winner will receive an Amazon Kindle® plus a $100 Amazon® Gift Certificate from DEG!

isit today to review--and learn from--all of our contest entries.

DEG Offers Exciting New Service
DEG can now save school districts some serious cashola by reinventing its textbook procurement process, streamlining its inventory management and creating strategic relationships with top publishers and academic vendors. How cool is that? Every school district is looking for ways to cut expenses and achieve more with its limited budget. DEG’s experienced consultants can help them close that financial gap without compromising their students’ educational experience. Contact for details.

100 Inspiring Ways to Use Social Media in the Classroom
Facebook and Twitter are no longer just wonderful wastes of times—they’re now becoming powerful education tools. If you didn’t catch Online Universities’ great list of social media ideas, here are a few highlights:

  • #1 Have students create a Facebook page for a character from literature you are studying.
  • #44 Encourage students to brainstorm on class topics outside class time to provide more opportunities for sharing great thoughts.
  • #57 Have students create a story, one by one, using only one Twitter post of 140 characters or less and one student at a time.
  • #66 Have guest lecturers visit the classroom through Skype.
    Click here for the full list.

5 Ways Classrooms Can Use Video Conferencing
Believe it or not, there are nearly 30,000 video conferencing systems in U.S. schools, service centers, district offices and departments of education. If you’re looking for new ways to use a video conferencing system in your classroom, here are five ideas to consider:

  1. Connect with Experts – A great way to for students to develop essential communications skills while growing their awareness of global issues.
  2. Virtual Field Trips – Permission slips? You don’t need stinkin’ permission slips when you take your classroom on a virtual field trip to anywhere in the world.
  3. Working Together – Video conferencing allows students in multiple schools around the world to work together on relevant issues.
  4. Accessing Previously Unavailable Courses – Many schools could benefit from having an extra course over distance learning that they might not be able to offer otherwise.
  5. Teaching the Teachers – Video conferencing offers a convenient for teachers to acquire professional development hours to maintain certification.

For more details, click here.  

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