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Our Strategic Approach
DEG takes a comprehensive, hands-on approach with each client, whether you are looking to pilot a new digital education product in just one classroom or convert your entire school community to a new instructional technology platform.
Our trademarked "5-Step Approach for 5-Star Success" was specifically designed to identify and exceed your school's unique needs.
To learn more about DEG's Academic Services Group, or for a free instructional technology consultation, please contact us at

DEG’s “5-Step Approach for 5-Star Success"

Step #1: Determine Your Goals, Then Determine the Technology – Before recommending any digital education products or instructional technology services, we first learn as much about your school as possible. This includes your overall academic goals and missions, a comprehensive assessment of your current technologies and products, information and insights from your teachers and students, and the design of your classrooms and curriculum. Only then can DEG offer solutions that best meet your community's unique needs.

Step #2: Focused Planning, Flexible Options – DEG understands that every teacher will use the technology solutions we help you employ differently, even though your school must collectively meet concrete objectives and state standards. That's why DEG helps you define a clear and concise action plan at the school level, while providing options and flexibility at the classroom level.

Step #3: Metrics & Measurements for Best Practices – As with any project, success is determined by exceeding established measurements. DEG will help you identify, measure and track top goals during each stage of the process, making it easy for you to recognize how quickly you achieve best practices with your instructional technology investment.

Step #4: Professional Development & Continual Support – We often think professional development occurs only during isolated seminars or training events. With DEG, professional development is part of the process. We will work closely with your community to make sure they have the tools and resources in place to succeed—both immediately and down the road.

Step #5: Remember the "Evolution" in "Revolution" – How we use technology in the classroom today will change tomorrow due to the emergence of new technologies and teaching methods. That is why DEG keeps our digital education implementation plan simple, measurable and, most of all, flexible to ensure that modifications and re-designs can occur seamlessly during our journey toward the 21st century classroom.


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